We are all unique individuals with specific nutritional and lifestyle needs, depending on our age, gender, genes etc.

Influences such as poor dietary choices, stressful lives, poor sleep can leave us feeling below par.

Sometimes we eat well but the type of foods, or when we eat, may not be right for us.

By addressing these areas of imbalance even small changes can often make a significant difference to the way we feel.
*Promotion of hormone balance
*Support of optimal bowel and digestive health
*Promoting good skeletal and muscular health
*Support of cardiovascular health
*Promotion of blood sugar balance
*Encouraging emotional balance and wellbeing
*Optimisation of energy
*Support of natural detoxification pathways
*Healthy weight loss
*Nutritional support in times of greater demand for example following illness, pre-conception or post pregnancy.
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All diet and lifestyle suggestions will be tailored to your commitments, cooking skills and as far as possible food preferences.
Areas in which Nutritional Therapy may be of benefit:
Nutritional therapy is not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.
Susan Brough MSc. Dip.NT mBANT CNHC reg.
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